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Contest will

To contest a will is an action raised when someone close to the deceased is considers himself or herself as being excluded unfairly from an inheritance or the inheritance left was insufficient.

There are a few aspects that allow someone to contest a will. One example is about proving that the deceased was lacking testatary capacity; that is to say the deceased was not of sound mind when he / she made the will. There are other examples too such as the will was made fraudulantly, a will was never signed by the deceased, the will is invalid because it was not completed in accordance with the law, you were promised an inheritance by the deceased whilst the deceased was alive in return for giving something or doing something for the deceased whilst the deceased was alive, you were the spouse or civil partner of the deceased at sometime prior to the the death of the deceased, it was immoral of the deceased to have left you nothing or insufficient in the will.

Grounds to contest a will on moral grounds include:-

(1)The person who wishes to contest the will, financially benefitted from or was financially supported by the deceased at some time whilst the deceased was alive.

(2) The person who wishes to contest the will was the child of the deceased and in relation to the size of the deceased’s estate, the child has relatively little or no income and litle if any savings.

(3) The deceased left a large sum to a 3rd party with whom the deceased did not have a close connection whilst the deceased was alive; for example a charity and the person who wishes to contest the will is the child of the deceased.

(4) The person who wishes to contest the will is the child of the deceased and has unusually high expenditure; for example the child of the deceased has a disbled child of their own.

The process of contesting a will is usually a very long one. A highly skilled and experienced contested probate solicitor knows what to do in order to build a strong case. He / she can negotiate with the executor to ensure that the case proceeds as quickly as possible and give the case the maximum chance to succeed.

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